Experience the magic of singing together with your team

Singing workshops at work connect reduce stress inspire give confidence improve cooperation bring creativity make you happy give presentation skills improve health increase productivity help you listen improve relationships are a beautiful experience

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Bring a wave of positive effects into your organization with singing workshops

Not only a beautiful experience. Scientifically verified benefits as well.

Health and stress reduction

Singing de-stresses and is a fantastic way to quickly recharge for the rest of the week. This stress reduction has many positive consequences for your physical and mental health.


Singing improves your self-confidence, presentation skills, posture and use of voice. These are all qualities that you can put to good use in your work.


These many positive effects of singing together result in higher productivity: better collaboration with colleagues, less illness and better stress resistance.

Teambuilding and connection

Singing connects, because without connection you cannot sing beautifully together. Such a moment of connection with your colleagues then helps improve team collaboration naturally.


Inspiration often comes from a combination of intense attention and then relaxed distance from what you are doing. Singing brings you this relaxation and inspires you this way


When you sing together you produce the happiness hormones serotonin and oxytocin and you bring these with you into the rest of your week. When an entire team participates, it gives a very different vibe in the office.

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This is about more than improving your singing

The ideal team activity is fun and enjoyable. But also useful and educational. There are few options that bring both sides together as well as a singing workshop from Choir at Work.

Of course it’s great if the singing is beautiful. But the road there provides many insights and positive effects that are useful in your work and the rest of your life.

How fun and educational it is to achieve one beautiful harmony together with all members of your team!

This way your team experiences a fantastic singing workshop too

3 simple steps for a musical event that brings people together


We coordinate during an introduction

Book an introduction! In conversation with us you receive answers to your questions and we tailor the workshop to your needs.


Choir at Work arranges almost everything

With the help of the Choir at Work team, organizing the singing workshop is a breeze.


Your team experiences a fantastic workshop

Congratulations! Everything is arranged and your team get’s in touch with the magic and many benefits of singing.

Meet the workshop leaders

Professional musicians, with a heart for amateur singing

Choir at Work is for all teams open to new experiences

Singing together is universal, everyone can participate

Professional workshop leaders

The workshop leaders have a lot of experience as musicians in the best choirs, as well as in the skilled, engaging and charismatic leading of amateur choirs and choral workshops.

Relaxed atmosphere

We understand that you can be quite nervous when singing for the first time, but the workshop leaders ensure that everyone feels comfortable taking part and provide a safe environment in which people can relax and explore their voice.

Space for customization

Do you have special wishes, ideas or goals for your organization? Let us know and we will see how we can help realize them.

All levels are welcome

Whether you have never sung before or perform on stage every week, Choir at Work is suitable. Every team is unique and we adapt to that.

Warm-ups, play, pieces…

In many different ways we bring you step by step closer to a beautiful harmony, from warmups to canons, from play to polyphonic pieces. Sometimes they relate to a theme, sometimes it’s simply making music.

Optional: An after movie

Do you want a nice memento? Then it is ideal to have our videographer make an aftermovie.

The workshops

There is always room for customization: We are happy to adapt the workshops to the goals and wishes of your organization

* Prices depend on the number of participants and special requests

The theme workshops

Each workshop helps with team building, presenting and leadership, but in the theme workshops we delve deeper into one of these themes

* Prices depend on the number of participants and special requests

Interested or have a question?

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A new initiative from Consensus Vocalis

To encourage singing together and its many benefits in society, the professional vocal ensemble Consensus Vocalis founded Choir at Work.

Frequently asked questions

There is no maximum number of participants if the space and facilities are suitable. We usually count 14 as the minimum number of participants. Fewer is of course also possible, but then it sounds less pleasant and the participants need more self-confidence.

A nice mix of voices with a lower and higher pitch is ideal, but it is absolutely not a must. We have a solution for every type of team.

There are several reasons why singing together is a fantastic team activity:

Singing together can create a sense of solidarity and connection between team members. Sharing musical experiences can help strengthen bonds between colleagues and increase team spirit.

Singing can reduce stress and improve people’s well-being. Singing together allows team members to relax and have fun, which can contribute to a positive working atmosphere and higher productivity.

Singing can also help develop important skills such as communication, collaboration and creativity. Working on harmony and timing requires team members to work closely together and support each other, which can help improve these skills.

Of course, there are other team outings that can promote team building and collaboration, but singing together can be a unique and enjoyable experience that takes team members out of their comfort zone and teaches them new skills.

Interested or have a question?

Get a no-obligation offer or send your question to [email protected]

About Over Sarah Marieke van Lieshout

Making music together with a good dose of enthusiasm! That is what Sarah Marieke offers during the singing workshop. In addition to her classical singing training, she has also made considerable progress in musical theater, jazz and other musical styles. In addition to her classical singing projects, Sarah Marieke has been performing for a four-part pop choir in Utrecht for 8 years now and she enjoys singing with a 60s band! She also writes her own cabaret songs and performs them together with pianist Bam Commijs. Sarah Marieke also gives singing lessons at the Theater School in Utrecht and works closely with various dancers and theater makers, so that in addition to singing, there are many theater elements in the workshops. So to speak, you do not necessarily stand still in a semicircle… We will explore sounds in all openness, from the voice, from piano chords, sometimes from a handpan (!) and from what the song means. What does the group sound like?

Sarah Marieke works with the interaction, movement and sound of the group and always has the main goal of jointly having fun and enjoying what you create together! Fly on beautiful harmonies, experience beautiful lyrics together, smile, chuckle or burst out laughing and then continue singing (oh yes, also working) with each other!

About Kitty Bazalgette

Kitty is a professional singer, coach and workshop leader who is fascinated by high performance and how we achieve it. As a singer she has a versatile voice, having performed folk, musical theatre and classical repertoire both as a soloist and ensemble member across Europe. As a coach and workshop leader, she runs her own business Authentic Artistry, which engages organisations across a variety of industries focusing on achieving high performance whilst maintaining safe and supportive working environments. She is a mentor and elective leader at the Prins Claus Conservatorium Groningen, where she teaches students about artistic identity and authenticity on stage.

Over Remmert Velthuis

During his training at the Amsterdam Conservatory, bass/baritone Remmert Velthuis took singing lessons with Elise Galama and Ira Spaulding, and is currently coached by Ronald Klekamp. He sings with, among others, the professional vocal ensemble Consensus Vocalis conducted by Beni Csillag and the Holland Bachkoor conducted by Gijs Leenaars.

In addition, he is regularly asked as a soloist for opera and oratorio concerts. Remmert also regularly gives solo and duet recitals with romantic song repertoire and baroque arias. His debut as Timur in Turandot is his most important operatic role to date. He recently attended master classes with Peter Kooij.

About Merel Wentink

Collaboration, always looking for artistic urgency and a broad musical and artistic orientation. These are the most characteristic qualities of mezzo-soprano Merel Wentink.

In the ensembles she co-founded, she and other artists look for ways to use her background in classical music in an inclusive, open and multidisciplinary way and thus get her audience thinking.

About Arjan Lienaerts

Arjan Lienaerts, bass-baritone, was born and raised in Sittard and started playing the harpsichord, piano and guitar at a young age. Ultimately, however, he chose singing (Music Theater major) at the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg. For his further studies he moved to London where he graduated with honors from the Royal Academy of Music.

After graduating, he was part of the training program of the Dutch Chamber Choir, NKK NXT. He is currently a member of Olga Vocal Ensemble and together with Hedwig van Leuven he forms pop/jazz duo ‘hearhear’.

Since 2019 he has been a member of Consensus Vocalis, with which he performed, among others, War Requiem (BRITs) and Wonderful Town (Bernstein). At the Nederlandse Reisopera he sang in, among others, Sweeney Todd, Fidelio and Das Wunder der Heliane.

In addition to his work as a singer, Arjan is also active as a pianist, conductor, composer and arranger. For example, he was conductor of youth choir Re:Choir between 2017 and 2020 and has been Sara Leemans’ regular pianist since 2020.

About Lieke Geraats

Lieke Geraats studied classical singing with Harry van Berne at the ArtEZ conservatory in Zwolle.

She forms a song duo with pianist Hanke Scheffer and has participated in master classes by Marien van Nieukerken, Thomas Oliemans and Irene Maassen, among others. Lieke also attended master classes with Margreet Honig, Jard van Nes and Anne Klare, among others.

As a soloist, Lieke sang in the requiems of Mozart and Duruflé, Haydn’s Stabat Mater, and she can regularly be heard in various Bach and Telemann cantatas. As a choir singer she has performed with Ars Musica and Studium Chorale, among others, and she is currently associated with the choir Consensus Vocalis.

In addition to her work as a soloist, Lieke has a great passion for ensemble singing. For example, she was part of the vocal ensemble EVA, where she was also artistic director. The ensemble attended several master classes with the King’s Singers and shared the stage with them in the summer of 2022 at the invitation of the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival. Lieke is also a substitute for the Dutch Bach Consort, which was founded in 2021.

Lieke is the conductor of various choirs. In 2021, she successfully completed the choral conducting application course at the HKU conservatory, where she was taught by Rob Vermeulen and Fokko Oldenhuis. She is also a much sought-after vocal coach for choirs and ensembles.

Lieke is currently coached by Xenia Meijer and Heleen Koele.

Over Gulian van Nierop


Over Béni Csillag

Béni Csillag (1976) begon zijn muzikale opleiding op 6-jarige leeftijd met vioollessen. Na verschillende instrumenten bespeeld te hebben, begon hij in 1995 aan zijn studie koor- en orkestdirectie aan de Liszt Ferenc Academie in Boedapest. Naast deze hoofdvakken studeerde Béni tevens muziektheorie en schoolmuziek. In 2001 rondde hij zijn studie af.

In 2003 werd Béni Csillag geselecteerd voor de Eric Ericson Masterclass in Haarlem. Deze stond onder leiding van Hartmut Haenchen en Uwe Gronostay. Een week lang werkte Béni met het Nederlands Kamerkoor en het Groot Omroepkoor. In juni 2007 werd hij opnieuw geselecteerd, deze keer waren de docenten Simon Halsey en Robert Sund.

In 2004 assisteerde hij Tonu Kaljuste in Vigevano (Italië) met het World Chamber Choir, een vertakking van het World Youth Choir, waarin Béni jarenlang als zanger heeft gefungeerd.

Sinds september 2005 woont Béni Csillag in Nederland. Hij studeerde koordirectie aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium bij Jos van Veldhoven en Jos Vermunt. In september 2008 behaalde hij hier Cum Laude het Master-diploma. Hij is dirigent van Consensus Vocalis en het Nederlands Studenten Kamerkoor. Hij heeft concerten gegeven met het Nederlands Kamerkoor en als repetitor gewerkt met het Groot Omroepkoor, Cappella Amsterdam en Chorwerk Ruhr en als gastdirigent opgetreden met het Koor van de Hongaarse Radio in zijn geboortestad Budapest en het Kamerkoor van de Sloveense Philharmonie.